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YYZ Restaurant & Wine Bar

345 Adelaide St. W. - Toronto, Canada
Potato and sweet pea soup with proscuitto, avocado and pear | not bad, and I liked the little round of salty proscuitto wrapped around the cool buttery avocado and slightly crisp pear against the cool soup. The soup was alright, but since I already like proscuitto around melons, etc - both the salty/slightly sweet flavour and texture contrasts are things that I really like, I was more sold on the condiment. Not to mention the contrast of the reddish colour against the green background. I like contrasting flavors, textures and colours - all in all, decent.

Pan seared Atlantic salmon, shrimp and corn risotto cakes, jalepeno marjoram aioli | the better of the three salmons I've had thus far. It was med-rare. Good stuff. Tender, but still firm. The shrimp and corn risotto cake (1! Other people got 2!) was good. I liked the flavour. It reminded me of a crab cake and I like those. Mmmmm...

Warm banana and pecan strudel with vanilla ice cream | it reminded me of grape flavoured Hubba Bubba. I know, it's banana. Go figure. But the honey drizzled around the strudel complimented the vanilla ice cream a lot. Maybe it's because I like the honey and PB or honey-ed vanilla ice cream combos. It's a nice subtle/mildly sweet touch.

Conclusion: The food was marginal, but I absolutely loved the ultra-cool-modern decor; however, only to look at, and not necessarily to eat in - very industrial design, not very comforting, but still OK for summer dining. Not quite sure I'd go back at the prices, other than for drinks, or with someone who's really into the hip design. (Justin)

Maybe would return, for drinks and a snack. It's only ok, but the decor is on the modern/cool side. And they were playing music from some CDs I own, including Bebel Gilberto. (Renee)


Renee's out of 5.0


Justin's out of 5.0


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