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Asian Legend

418 Dundas St. W., Beverley & Dundas - Toronto, Canada
This restaurant is formerly known as Wey Shiang Tsuen.

Soup Filled Dumplings | this is what the restaurant's famous for, and it didn't disappoint though the prices were jacked up a little with the new decor. Plenty of soup inside each 'bao'. If you've never been to the restaurant, this is the signature dish that you MUST order.

The Rest of the Meal | typical chinese lunch: pan fried dumplings, shanghai noodles, shredded chicken fried rice, and taiwanese fried vermicelli. Nothing special or worth writing home about, but it was solidly above average.

Ambience | absolutely loved the decor - a great example of Chinese culture finally moving modern with class and style, though they may have gone overboard a bit, as I don't think downtown Chinese is ready for such a drastic change yet. Normally the place is packed on a Sunday lunch, but when we went (11:30ish) the restaurant was half empty - I think the decor scared off a lot of people, and the prices justify that scare. We all took turns going to the washroom though, as Diana's glowing review of the fancy washroom made us all wonder in disbelief how a Chinese restaurant, much less one directly in Chinatown, could have such a nice, stylish washroom - and a CLEAN one too.

Conclusion: Nothing too special in terms of food, but I'd go back simply because of the clean washroom. At least it justifies the jacking up of prices, but if that's what it'll take to support making Chinatown a less stinky and trashy place, then so be it. However, the prices aren't high enough that they take the value of the meal away or make it unaffordable on the student budget - thereby qualifying this as a restaurant that I would definitely return to.


out of 5.0


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