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Standard Pasta & Pizza Bar

667 College St. - Little Italy, Toronto, Canada
Appetizer | complimentary bread wasn't very fresh, seemed kind of day-old. At least the olive oil and vinegar bottles were placed on the table and not pre-mixed into a dish for you - usually i find that restaurants that pre-mix either put too much of one or the other (ie. Al Frisco's)

Baby Scallops in White Wine Sauce with Fettucine | not only was the sauce was watered down, but there was too much, I felt like my pasta was swimming on my plate, resulting in a really bland taste. The scallops on the other hand weren't bad, relatively tender, saving the dish a bit. I just would have thought there would be more scallops though.

Seafood Pasta | Amelia's meal was loaded with calamari and mussels, a much better loaded plate than my scallops. From what I had, most of the flavour came from the seafood itself, again a stark contrast to my sauce-tempered dish. Decent dish.

Boneless Chicken in Red Wine Sauce with Hot Peppers on Penne | Jon's meal had the most sauce-induced flavor of us all. Only a little spicy, the sauce was decent, and on top of tender chicken breast it was impressive.

Conclusion: Nothing really special unless you're a stickler for open-kitchen concepts, and the taste was just too bland and tame. I'd rather try out the other restaurants in Little Italy before coming back; in fact, I don't think I'll be back at all.


out of 5.0


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