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1630 Bayview Ave., Bayview & Eglington - Toronto, Canada
Imperial shrimp & chicken spring rolls, grilled chicken broshetts, fried rice pilaf, vermicelli | otherwise known as A Little Bit of Everything Combo C. The grilled chicken ruined an otherwise decent dish - it was dry and tough, but the spring rolls were excellent though a little too cold for my taste. The fried rice pilaf was outstanding, with just a hint of sweetness and egg. Tianne had it too, and she particularly enjoyed the vermicelli.

Ambience | James felt like thai food and his sister recommended it to reminded me of the newly renovated Asian Legend (formerly Wey Shiang Tsuen) restaurant, though Tianne thought Lemongrass was a little classier. It was an asian restaurant that was totally targeted towards the white crowd.

Conclusion: Loved the decor, and the prices weren't inflated because of them. Would've been nicer to eat with chopsticks instead of a fork, though. Nice place to try at least once, and definitely a place to go if you feel like fancier Thai. (Justin)

I loved it. 4.5/5.0 for the decor. (James)

I wouldn't strongly recommend it, but it's still a good place though. (Tianne)


out of 5.0


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