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East Side Mario's

Warden & Eglington - Toronto, Canada
Reviewed by Lydia Yung

Mussels in Tomato Sauce | Steamed mussels in a fresh tomato sauce with garlic. Nothing to talk about... the mussels were small and slightly fishy tasting - not very fresh. Sauce was a nice change from the typical white wine and garlic sauce, but nothing spectacular.

Spaghetti Pie | The name itself was the reason I ordered this dish. How intriguing! Part of the special tetrazzini menu. The photo made it look like some sorta quiche with spaghetti on top. The ingredient listing of cream, eggs and butter cried out "heart attack!" to me, but I thought trying something new was worth it. So was it worth the calories? Not at all!! Spaghetti pie turned out to be a big pile of congealed spaghetti. Sort of like when you cook spaghetti and don't mix some olive oil in with it after draining and simply let it sit in the pot for a couple hours. Ugh. The butter, cream and eggs must've been to hold it all together, but I could only taste it if I chewed very slowly and thought hard about it. Admittedly, the spaghetti pie was topped with a light, tasty cream sauce and decorated appealingly with slivers of fresh vegetables. Though not enough for a full serving! Not something I would order again.

White Chocolate Raspberry Tartufo | This was no doubt the best part of the meal. A refreshing raspberry sorbet surrounded with rich white chocolate ice cream enveloped in a crispy white chocolate coating. Served with whipped cream.

Conclusion: The atmosphere was your typical neighbourhood East Side Mario's. The service was fairly quick and the waitress was competent and friendly, as expected in all the chain restaurants of this calibre. I mainly decided to review this meal to warn others NOT to order the spaghetti pie. I don't know why they put it on the feature menu... of all places!


Angie's out of 5.0


Lydia's out of 5.0


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