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Il Fornello

214 King St W., Toronto, Canada
Pizza Affumicato | $13. When a pizza is topped with caramelized onions, cambozola, smoked chicken, spinach and roasted pine nuts, it's gotta be pretty good. And it was. Though there was a hint of a blue cheese taste in there which wasn't bad, but just made it a little more interesting. I would've preferred another choice of cheese though. You get a choice of multigrain or regular crust on a flatbread, which is good. The only drawback with the pizza, albeit a big problem, was that it was incredibly soggy. I had so much stuff that fell onto my plate, it looked like I had stew instead of pizza after. I had to fold my slices to eat them. But the amount of stuff left was a testament to the generous helping of toppings. (Justin)

Pesto Pizza | $12. Topped with gaisli, grilled chicken, and fire roasted eggplant. Generous helping of toppings, and completely dry in comparision to the Affumicato. Very meaty for a pizza that's called "pesto", but also very full of flavour. A great pizza overall. (Adrian)

Warm Chocolate cake with Lindt ice-cream | For all the chocolate lovers, this dessert is to die for. (angee)

Conclusion: The service was accomodating to the fact that we only had one hour to eat before rushing to the symphony across the street. Very polite, very efficient, well mannered, and the only blip was that I had to ask for sugar for my tea, and they told me to reach over the next table and get it myself. Ambience was nicer for standard dining, going for the whole wood-oven look. The pizzas were a little pricier considering the size and quality and the fact this was not really considered gourmet eating, but overall, still decent, making it a restaurant I'd return to. Side note: I normally wouldn't rate chain restaurants, but I felt like this was an exception, since from my experience, each Il Fornello is strangely different from one another. (Justin)

Keep in mind this is the theatre district, so you can't really expect value. I'd come back here, too. (Adrian)


Justin's out of 5.0


Adrian's out of 5.0


Angie's out of 5.0


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