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Pappas Grill

440 Danforth Ave. - Greektown, Toronto, Canada
Bruschetta | $5. They didn't skimp on the toppings, which was nice. The downside to that is there was so much tomato, the juices flowed down to the bread, making it really soft - perhaps a little too soft. But taste wise, it was one of the better bruschettas I've had - I just wish it was a little crispier.

Exohiko | $15. Reminded me of a giant, flat spring roll - except with a softer shell and brimming with lots of chicken and julienne vegetables inside. Not bad, it was big enough that I couldn't finish it. Taste wise, a little on the bland side. The accompanying salad could've been better, it seemed like it was just thrown in.

Deakin Estate Sauvignon Blanc - Australia | $26. Surprisingly a pretty decent white wine, for a mid-low priced restaurant one. Viscosity was in the mid-range, very smooth, full of flavor. Not bad at all.

Conclusion: I'm still a rookie when it comes to greek cuisine, but this trip to Greektown made me realize I need to venture down there more often. The Danforth is a quaint little area that looks like it's filled with promising restaurants - Pappa's Grill was no exception. Prices were alright, service was good, food could've had a little more of a kick for my personal taste, but maybe that's just the way greek food is. Side note, the restaurant was featured in a scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I wouldn't mind coming back, but at the same time, this restaurant didn't leave enough of an impression for me to come back every time I venture to Greektown. I'd rather try out the other Greek restaurants first.


out of 5.0


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