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Tuyen Cuisine

4860 Yonge St. - Toronto, Canada
Thai Mango Salad | fresh mango, onion, bell pepper & spring mesclun greens in lime basil vinaigrette, topped with cashew, $8. A fresh and light starter. More or less standard, but the mixed greens made the normally sweet salad less so.

Malaysian Calamari | Grilled whole squid in belacan shrimp sauce, $10. Like ika sugatayaki, only a little more moist and a bit more in price. The belacan shrimp sauce was really nice, and much like shrimp paste, reminding me of the steamed squid in shrimp paste you get at dim sum. Recommended.

Typhoon Sea Bass | Chilean sea bass topped with chopped garlic, black bean & bird's eye chili, $26. A regular serving size for a piece of fish, moist and tasty. The sauce surrounding the bass did not overwhelm the sweetness of the fish itself.

Sweet Yam Rice | $3. Over-glamorized jasmine rice topped with half a dozen cubes of yams. The item that made this side worth it, was the bowl it came in.

Conclusion: Alright for both food and service. Most memorable aspect of the evening were the dishware: modern, unique lopsided satellite dishes. Decor is modern, colours were mixtures of whites and blues. For Thai/Malaysian, this was an ok restaurant; more for an atmosphere resembling that of Goldfish, but in blue highlights.


out of 5.0


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