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2150 Yonge St. - Toronto, Canada
Insalata di Misticanza | $8. No choice starter of a mixed leaf salad with fresh herbs, red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil. As standard as salads go. Light and a starter accompanying the breads and balsamic vinegar and rich olive oil dip.

Trofi Alla Castagna Con Tocco di Funghi Selvatici | $17. Fresh house made pastas with my favorite nut - chestnuts! This was a hand rolled chestnut "gnocchetti" with a ragu of wild mushrooms. Portion was comfortable as the dish was quite rustic and homey in feel. Nice flavour and slight aromatics of chestnuts...mmmm....the fair pieces of oyster, chanterelles and shitake mushrooms were accented by the nutty butter sauce that the pasta was glistening in.

Cecchi di Castagne | $7. A chest-flour crepe served with warm and thin layer of mascarpone mousse, a non-chocolate (I asked because of my allergy) espresso sauce, and sweetened with a bit of chestnut blossom honey. A few candied chestnuts accompanied the icing sugar dusted beauties. Very small portioned dessert, but very sweet. Perfect with a cappuccino.

Conclusion: Although it was the high December Christmas season, the servers were very kind as to accommodate me, a single diner, that evening. Service was prompt and attentive. A nice place to go with friends or ask for a less noisy area in the cozy tratorria if on a date.


out of 5.0


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