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90 Avenue Rd. - Avenue & Bloor, Toronto, Canada
Thai Flavoured Chicken Noodle Soup | spiked with Thai chili oil, the light curry like broth reminded me of the typical Thai curry sauce, more than a soup. Some chow mien noodles sat at the bottom, but I enjoyed the tiny morsels of chicken and fresh taste of the coriander in the too curry-ish soup. It was a nice warm dish, especially in the chilly weather, but only ok.

Grilled Salmon, Black Rice, Asian Herb Sauce | The Asian herb sauce was like a creamy bok choy sauce, really neat and refreshing against the nutty short grained black rice, that had a textural bite to. The stir-fried (?) rice had bits of shitake and other aromatics and was actually fun to eat. The salmon was almost seared like, but still moist. Cooked probably to 80%. Oh well; but still good. The taro chip garnish was a little oily, whereas the bok choy garnish were standard steamed greens that were nice against the sauce.

Boba's Ice Creams and Sorbets | I can see why there is some talk about the homemade sorbets and ice creams. I had a strawberry-raspberry sorbet, tangerine-melon sorbet, flanking both sides of a really nice maple walnut praline ice cream. Fresh fruit (few slices of melons, a strawberry and blackberry) garnished the plate along with some very thin and neatly shaped cookies (shortbread, almond thin, gingerbread/chocolate?). I really enjoyed this.

Conclusion: I would return to try some of the other Thai-Italian inspired dishes. I have to admit that the taste was quite unique in comparison to a lot of the other fusion dishes that I've encountered. Food was decent and the overall experience is one that's good with friends, vs. a romantic date, which was quite contrary to what I was expecting. The ice creams were really nice, and unique blends. I would order this again.


out of 5.0


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