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Hiro Sushi

171 King St. E - Toronto, Canada
Omakase (kitchen + sushi bar) | If you don't already know what Omakase means, it's just Japanese for the tasting menu. (there is a more accurate translation but I'll have to consult my Japanese friend) I've been to this restaurant about 6 times and the kitchen dishes were never the same. It's usually a 4, sometimes 5 course dinner...I think it depends on the season and the market. They always starts us off with a soup (usually sometype of Japanese broth but they're always a little different), then a cold appetizer (this could be a salad or sashimi or some exotic seafood that I can't identify), a warm appetizer/entree (this could be anything seafood, meat, noodles, they're very creative there, think IronChef), and it always ends with sushi (about 8 - 10 pieces of sushi chosen by the chef). Since I've only had Omakase, I never really read the menu and I don't know what's the name of the cooked dishes I've had. The Japanese waiters/waitresses couldn't tell us what we were eating in English either....that's why I'm lacking vocabulary with the food.

Their dessert is nothing special but they do have an Omakase for it too. Other than green tea and red bean ice-cream (sometimes they have Japanese pudding), everything else is just regular western desserts (ie. Chocolate cake, creamy burley, cheesecake etc). They have both chilled and warm saki/sake around $13 for a small bottle.

There is an a la carte menu but it looks just like any other Japanese restaurant. The price of Omakase varies, I'm not sure about the Omakase for just the sushi bar but the "kitchen + sushi bar" is between $60-$75/person (market price). So, after tax and tips it'll be around $100 or over if you order drinks and dessert.

Conclusion: The food quality is superb and the presentation is like artwork. This is my favourite Japanese restaurant in town. It's very casual and no dresscode. One very important detail*** They will only serve Omakase if everyone at the table orders it. I only suggest this place to the Japanese food lovers who enjoy authenticity and appreciate food as an art (or ppl who loves IronChef). You might not even get a piece of salmon (or whatever fav. sashimi of yours), the taste is very different from regular Japanese restaurant and the portions are small. You always need a reservation and if you can, try and sit at the sushi bar and befriend the owner/chef, Hiro might get some extra sushi!


Angie's out of 5.0


Renee's out of 5.0


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