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Auberge du Pommier

4150 Yonge St. - Yonge & York Mills, Toronto, Canada
Caramelized Onion Tart with Goat Cheese and Raisins | Amuse-bouche. It was a great start to the dinner. Perfectly bite-size portioned, the tart was very pleasant tasting; the raisins gave it a sweeter taste while the goat cheese tamed it to a good balance.

Winter Squash Soup | among the best squash soups I've ever had. It had very good texture yet smooth in taste, just a hint of sweetness to give it some character. Portions were decent, too. Great appetizer.

Roasted Supreme of Chicken | in a juniper honey broth with root vegetables and woodland mushrooms. My first thought was the portions were huge. But once I tasted it, I realized this entree wasn't just about the quantity. The chicken was very lean and firm, yet uniformly juicy throughout. The broth was amazing, giving the chicken an extra touch of sweetness to its already bursting flavour. The vegetables were no sideshow to the chicken; well prepared, the broth made them very tender. Overall, an excellent entree.

Grilled Atlantic Salmon | with roasted yukon gold and sweet potatoes, fine beans and a pommery champagne cream. Portions were above average on this as well. The salmon ranks right up amongst the best in the dining community, very soft and tender throughout, with juices flowing down to the core. The pommery champagne cream was absolutely amazing, giving the salmon a sweeter taste without being a thick cream. The gold and sweet potatoes were perfectly roasted, complimenting the salmon very, very well. Overall, an excellent entree.

Maple Cream Cheese Mousse | with glazed apples and crispy cinnamon tuile. I was expecting a rich, decadent dessert. I got the opposite instead. The maple cream cheese mousse was sandwiched between two wafers of tuile, which made things a little difficult to eat properly since the tuile was thick and crispy. The mousse was light, fluffy, and very pleasant-tasting, not at all overbearing in the cheese taste. However, the glazed apples predominated the flavour of the dessert the most, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing, as it gave it a nice fruity touch. Portions were big. Overall, an above average dessert.

Decadent Chocolate Pave | with pecan ice cream, and caramelised bananas. True to its name, this was one decadent dessert; for that, it cannot be faulted that I prefer lighter desserts. The pave was rich and crispy on the exterior, while chewy on the interior. The pecan ice cream complemented the pave very well. Overall, an above average dessert.

Sparkling Shirley | Guava Juice and Ginger Ale, $5.50. Virgin; a nice juicy fizzy mix that really complemented the dinner.

Winter Bellini | $9.50. Very light and pleasant tasting, not too sweet or overbearing in alcohol, served with a raspberry. An excellent sidekick to any meal.

Conclusion: Delectable French-Mediterranean cuisine. I went with very high expectations and it is a restaurant that I would have to return to for winterlicious, or any other dining occasion. It's rated one of Toronto's most romantic dining places with good reason; from start to finish, service was very friendly, top-tier manners and attention to most details, with the one exception of not asking if we wanted more bread. However, given the portions, they cannot be faulted for assuming we don't want more - I made a big mistake of filling up with the bread. The complimentary bread came with roasted artichokes, which was excellent, very smooth and light. But as good as it was, you simply would not need to have more bread than given, if at all. Joanne and I were absolutely stuffed for dinner, we almost couldn't finish our desserts, which was a wonderful surprise given many restaurants significantly lower portions for winterlicious. Great selection soft jazz played in the background, combined with the nice quiet dining ambience, really makes it one of the best date restaurants in Toronto. Normal dining prices are not at all unreasonable considering the quality and portions. Free validated underground parking. Overall, a well-recommended restaurant. I'd definitely go back to this place.


Justin's out of 5.0


Renee's out of 5.0


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