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Courtyard Café

Windsor Arms Hotel - Bay & Bloor, Toronto, Canada
Reviewed by Elaine Lee

Red Pepper Bell Soup | It looked pretty much like an opened can of Campbell's tomato, nothing fancy. However, it had the texture of butternut squash soup which wasn't too bad.

Pavé Poisson | sole layered with spinach, melted leeks & shaved Reggiano. When the waiter handed me my plate, I couldn't help but think, "Yo Dude...where's the rest of my meal?!" Nothing more than a few slivers of fish topped with a thin layer of spinach and mushrooms, this dish left little room for imagination and didn't even taste like anything! The few drops of sauce on the side didn't help either. If I didn't know any better, I'd think it was a lunch serving being passed off for dinner.

Chocolate Pate, Benne Wafers | Probably the highlight of the meal. Two slices of chocolate mousse cake with a lovely base sauce and some sweet bread on the side.

Conclusion: What a rip off. Where's the closest pizza pizza?!


out of 5.0


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