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Rosewater Supper Club

19 Toronto Street - Adelaide St. E. & Yonge St., Toronto, Canada
Butternut Squash Soup | it was Rosewater's daily soup. The soup had some texture to it, but the taste was not up to par with other squash soups that I've had. Taste was almost a little sour. It had some capon bits mixed into the soup, which saved it a little bit. But overall, very unimpressive soup.

Oven Roasted Capon Breast | on Jasmine scented rice with green mango salad and wilted spinach, this was a dish that needed the sauce to save it. Smelled great though. But without the sauce, I would almost completely flunk this entree. The capon itself isn't bad, quite firm, but it the juice content wasn't uniform across the board. The rice was very ordinary if not for the sauce, which was very, very good, sweet, with a hint of fruit (maybe mango?) added to it. The best part of the entree was the green mango salad - great flavour, very refreshing taste. Too bad there was very little of it, not enough to save this dish completely. The decent portion helped it somewhat. Overall though, it was only an average entree.

Herb Crusted Alberta Sirloin Steak | with sauteed greens and roasted garlic mash, this entree was very, very disappointing. The sirloin was tough, chewy, and even with the sauce, very dry. I could think of a hundred restaurants, not counting steakhouses, that had much better sirloin than this. Portions were average. Overall, a well below-average entree.

Mini apple bundles with Tahitian vanilla ice cream and warm caramel | the tahitian vanilla ice cream was the best part of the dish, and that's not saying very much. It was overwhelmingly sweet if not for the ice cream. Taste wise, nothing special. I could buy an expensive apple pie, slap on some Haggen Daz vanilla ice cream, and it would probably taste the same. Overall, a slightly below average dessert.

Conclusion: I loved the live jazz in the background. The sultry sounds really made the meal a lot better than it actually was; without it, my rating would be below the failing watermark. The restaurant is a tad louder, not quite as loud as a typical Chinese restaurant, but close to it. Service was very spotty; they did top my sparkling water before it was empty, but our table was the only one without lighting - we had to ask the waiter to bring us a candle. Terrible. Our waiter was very hurried, not too polite, not a great way to have a relaxing dinner. Food took too long to be served between courses; at one point, they forgot about our desserts entirely. The complimentary bread was a variety of choices, such as multi-grain, wheat, white, and cheese; however, they were mostly tough and chewy, maybe even more than a day old. The olive hummus had an overbearing olive taste to it that turned me off. Drinks, however, are cheap. Cocktails were only $4.50. I would love to come back just to chill, have a drink, and enjoy the live entertainment, but I'd definitely wouldn't come back for a meal. Definitely not a date restaurant, more like a group party/chilling restaurant. Parking can be a pain since you have to either find street parking or a Green P lot.


Justin's out of 5.0


Renee's out of 5.0


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