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Bar 89

89 Mercer St. - SoHo, New York City
Dragon Wings | teriyaki and spices sauce, $9 plate ($19 platter). A little above average-sized wings, the plate we ordered came to 12 wings, and served with a side of fries. Well-cooked throughout, and the sauces were perfectly proportioned (the wings weren't dripping in the sauces), and tasted great, just a tad spicy, yet teriyaki sweet. Overall, an above average appetizer.

Burger Alfredo | with typical hamburger toppings and Romano sauce, cross-cut fries, $11.50. Great tasting burger, and they didn't skimp on the meat at all. Very juicy throughout, but the sauce contributed a bit towards making the bun a tad soggy. Loved the cross cut fries, not burnt crispy or oily greasy, which made for an enjoyable experience. Above average portions. Overall, an average entree, but a well-above average burger.

Conclusion: Although it possesses one of the trendiest ambiences in SoHo, don't be fooled into thinking this is a fine dining restaurant - it's still first and foremost, a bar. However, they've done what many have not dared to do - turned a pub format and flawlessly sexed it up, complete with the requisite cool unisex washroom, which have clear window door stalls but once you lock the door, the window immediately fogs up, preventing people from watching you while you do your business. (Just remember to lock the door! It's not a one-way window!) The food is surprisingly good for "bar" food - it's still wings, sandwiches and burgers, but they're very good, and decently priced. Drinks are where this restaurant/bar stands out: great selection (Mojitos were especially good) of cocktails, beers, and other liquor, but they definitely don't come cheap, which takes away from the value points that were gained from the food. One cocktail will cost you around $9, which is almost the price of an entree. Service is okay. Overall, the relaxed atmosphere, surprisingly good burgers, and great drinks contributed to a great evening. Well recommended.


out of 5.0


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