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900 Broadway / 20th - Union Square, New York City
Whiskey-Soaked Pork Chop | with Apple Walnut Bread Pudding and Mustard Greens, $24. Huge portions with above average presentation. The pork chop was very juicy throughout and bursting full of tender flavour, which was very nicely accented by the light whiskey-induced sauce. The nest of mustard greens were an excellent complement to the dish, with a very unique taste, a hint of sweetness. The bread pudding was a rather baffling concoction: great first bite, but terrible last bite. The taste didn't change, it was uniform throughout, but just something I loved but got tired of incredibly quickly. Overall, an above average entree.

Conclusion: Loved the orange glow ambience, made for a very trendy feel in a restaurant with an industrial front bar design (complete with an upper-level wine fridge), yet comfortable and relaxed dining. Service was impeccable and detailed, polite, and even topped off with a nice conversation with a member of the management team; the only blip of the night came from the mishandling of the olive oil - they put a new bottle on our table, but forgot to open it and provide a spout. Complimentary bread was fresh and quite appetizing. Relatively creative dishes, with generally excellent taste. Great date restaurant if you're willing to spend a bit, although it was more populated with the yuppie professional crowd. Overall, you can't go wrong with this restaurant if you're in lower Manhattan.


out of 5.0


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