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Blue Water Grill

31 Union Square W. - Union Square, New York City
Maryland Crab Cake | with Chive-Remoulade, $10. My first impression was, "That's it?" The portions were considerably small. However, what was lacking in quantity was made up with rich, mouth-watering quality. It had a nice little salty taste without the overwhelming gamey smell that accompanies many crab cakes. Non-existent presentation, but still a great appetizer.

Porcini Crusted Alaskan Halibut | with English Pea Risotto and Sweet Corn Emulsion, $22. The halibut was amazing. This was the waiter's recommendation, a very popular order, and I was not at all disappointed. It had a nice thinly-glazed crust, giving it a slightly crispy texture, yet the inside was moist and tender, bursting full of flavour. Portions weren't bad either, and presentation was decent. The english pea risotto complemented the salty taste very well, but I thought the sweet corn emulsion, while an excellent side, clashed a bit with the entree. Still overall, a very good entree, you can't go wrong with ordering it.

Creme Brulee | with fresh berries and homemade biscotti, $7. It had a very smooth texture and was rich in flavour without being overly sweet. I'll admit I'm not a fan of biscotti, but even this was a nice little touch as it was fresh. Portions were average, but presentation was pretty good, with the berries surrounding the brulee. Above average dessert.

Conclusion: I really liked this restaurant. Located right off the subway stop in the heart of Union Square, you have to call ahead to make reservations or be prepared to wait 2 hours no matter what time you arrive. If you're out to impress a date, be sure to request seating in the basement where there is live jazz in an intimate seating environment (they won't seat more than a party of 4). The converted bank has a well-decorated ambience with a great selection of lounge music to go with your meal. Service was astutely detailed and friendly. One weird item of note: they have sushi and maki rolls listed on their menu, which seems completely out of place when compared to the rest of the menu, seeing how the name of the restaurant is a grill. Still, a great place if you're looking for American Seafood cuisine. Prices aren't out of sight, and portions are generally okay. Definitely a restaurant to visit if you get the chance.


out of 5.0


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