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Milestone's Grill & Bar

132 John St. - John & Richmond, Toronto, Canada
Spinach & Artichoke Dip | $8.99. A tad on the pricey side (the price has gone up over the years) but still a must-have appetizer every time we go. Perfect for splitting between 2-4 people per order, the gooey dip, while not heavy, combines with the nachos for a nice salty taste. You can ask for more nachos if you run out. Not something to get when alone.

Grilled Chicken Pesto Fettucini | with a focaccia garlic triangle, $14.29. This is my fallback entree whenever I can't decide. Sometimes the sauce can be a little overwhelming in terms of drenching the pasta, but generally it's pretty decent. Portions are always huge, with a healthy helping of nicely grilled chicken which isn't too dry or undercooked either. Overall, a great dish.

Seafood Fettucini | Wild B.C. salmon, P.E.I. mussels, baby shrimp and Cajun cream, with a focaccia garlic triangle, $15.79. Great portions with lots of everything, not just pasta. What the mussels lack in size is made up in quantity. Overall, a great entree.

Goat cheese, Spinach, Olives & Sundried Tomatoes Pizza | $10.79. I liked it. The goat cheese gave it a little bit of a salty taste, the olives gave it a tangy taste, it wasn't too dry and not too moist. It was just right. Decent helping of toppings. For the price, the pizza was well worth it. I'd order it again.

Margherita Pizza | Roma tomato, pesto, reggiano, $8.99. The cheapest pizzas on the menu, and once you order it, you'll know why. Simple and bland, the thick-sliced tomatoes wash away the taste by making the pizza little soggy. Overall, a boring pizza, nothing special. I can't justify ordering this pizza again.

Bellini | $5.79. The most famous signature drink always lives up to its reputation. Think of a slushy martini, except rich in fruity tangy flavour. A general favorite of everyone that goes to Milestone's, and it doesn't have an overwhelming alcohol taste either. Great drink.

Conclusion: Milestone's is my favorite restaurant for all the right reasons - great food, great times, great drinks, great prices. The food will never be mistaken for 5-star calibre, but it is among the best for mass produced food with a very affordable price tag that doesn't break the bank. The downside? It's everybody else's favorite restaurant too. On a typical Friday night at this immensely popular restaurant, if you don't come especially early, expect at least an hour wait. Service is friendly and well-mannered, but not very detailed and obviously understaffed as we have to wait much-longer-than-normal times to be attended to. Still, it's the perfect place for a group dinner or just a fun & relaxed dinner date, and definitely a place to go for drinks. They have a long list of well-made drinks tailored for the yuppie crowd. Overall, an excellent restaurant.


out of 5.0


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