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The China Club

Old Bank of China Tower, 13th & 14th Floor - Central, Hong Kong
The China Club, with various locations in Southeast Asia (Shanghai, Beijing, etc.) gives you a feel of a typical English Gentlemen's Club with a Chinese Communist feel, as the decor is laced with Mao symbols and portraits of the Communist leaders.

Serving dim sum with class, the first thing that strikes you as you sit down is the great detail in the exquisite tableware, and the tea is not your normal, average everyday dim sum tea - the tea was beyond exceptional, with a pure, clean taste.

However, the dim sum itself left the lunch lacking. Everything with the exception of the food was good. The dim sum itself was passable, but not quite up to the high standards set by the ambience and service (detailed and friendly but slow). Everything was only mildly better than a cheap dim sum place.

Conclusion: This ultra-exclusive private club oozes of traditional old money class. If you're lucky enough to find someone who can get you in, it's well worth a visit as long as they're treating you (usually if they can get you in, they can afford it!). Otherwise, it's overpriced and you won't be able to get in anyway.


out of 5.0


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