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Fat Angelo's

49A-C Elgin St. - SoHo, Hong Kong
Located right beside the famous mountainside escalators, this is a popular restaurant that you'll have to wait for if you decide to go for dinner - and for good reason, as it is reknowned for its staggering portions. A single Caesar's Salad ($85), Spaghetti Marinara ($170), and Meat Deluxe Pizza ($130) was more than enough to split between four people. This is not a five-star restaurant, so don't expect exceptionally flavourful food, but it's still passable.

Ambience is as authentic Italian as can be given that it's located in Hong Kong, but they play Alanis Morissette over the speakers which adds to the more casual, relaxed dining atmosphere. However, large groups will find it hard to get a table - you should go with no more than four to your group. Service was a tad slow, but at least they got everything right.

Conclusion: If you've got a group, this is a restaurant worth returning to. Just don't order more than one entree per person!


out of 5.0


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