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723 Chestnut Street- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Note: I ordered the omakase dinner, an 8 courses meal that costs USD$80. If you order from the a la carte menu (which really serves the same thing), each dish will be even more expensive.

Bonito broth with tofu and seafood | A clear fish broth with a piece of tofu and scallop. It was delightful, a very authentic Japanese soup.

Hamachi tartar | An appetizer that mixes chopped hamachi sashimi with some type of crispy textured seeds. It was served in a Japanese tea cup with a bit of superior bonito broth as a sauce and topped with a teaspoonful of caviar. It was AMAZING.

Marinated fluke sashimi | It was good but nothing too special, the name pretty much described it.

King fish sashimi warm salad | A bed of spinach on top of 3 slices of King fish sashimi, dressed with warm Japanese vinaigrette. I've always liked Japanese salads and I think this is one of the best dressing I've ever tasted! Excellent!

Sake peppermint sorbet | Just a palette cleanser but a very unique one.

Tempura rock shrimp with sweet and sour sauce | Oh my goodness, the crispiest shrimps ever! They were drendged in a slightly creamy sweet and sour (with a kick of spiciness) sauce! Reminds me of the Pekingnese shrimps! A very good main course for those who loves sweet, sour and spicy!

Sushi | 5 pieces of the day's freshest sushi. It was scallop, fluke, king fish, octopus, and hamachi for me that day. It was good sushi but not the best.

Omakase dessert | Various desserts served in table spoonfuls. There were mango sorbet, vanilla mousse, chocolate gelato, cinnamon phyllo pastry and a homemade butter wafer. They were all good but the one that really stood out was the chocolate gelato. At least in my opinion.

Conclusion: I only caught a glimpse of the Iron Chef, Morimoto, for one second. The place was packed on a Wednesday night. If you plan on going, you should make sure that you have a reservation first. Other than the incredible food, the ambience was equally impressive! Watch those light installation cubes change colours. It was defintely one of the hippest restaurant I've been to in quite sometime. I highly recommand it if you love Japanese food, got some extra cash in your pocket and want to make your evening in Philadelphia memorable!


out of 5.0


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