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Farm House

1/Fl., AIA Plaza, 18 Hysan Ave., Causeway Bay - Hong Kong
A favorite hangout among celebrities, the Farm House is a casual-yet-trendy, deceptively-large restaurant located on a perch inside the AIA Plaza, providing a nice view of the streets of Causeway Bay. Corridors are aplenty in this restaurant, providing more private dining tables.

The restaurant boasts of its homestyle delicacies with district flavours, but where they really stand out is when they move onto modern concoctions, such as the Deep Fried Stuffed Chicken (HK$120), or the Tapioca-filled Papaya (HK$70). Although their traditional dishes (ie. Beef Brisket, HK$60) are done very well, you won't regret getting the more unique dishes.

Conclusion: We were treated very well, and the dinner was overall a very pleasant experience. It's worth every penny you'll spend there.


out of 5.0


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