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44 Robinson Road, Mid-Levels - Hong Kong
With a giant, bright sign and dress code at the door, you would think this restaurant would be a little more filled on a weekday lunch - we were the only people there. However, as soon as the food started coming, it was painfully evident why it was so empty: the tapas portions were tiny, further accenting the fact that it was already overpriced. The taste was somewhat decent to make up for it, but the rest of the dining experience was quite miserable - even the water tasted funny.

The only other bright spots were the service, which was quite friendly, and the cozy ambience, with its second floor balcony view of SoHo, the warm yellow rag-rolled walls and candle-lit tables - which would invoke the thought that this restaurant is built for dinner and not for lunch.

Conclusion: Rico's is usually bustling at dinner, so maybe the restaurant should stay that way - only open for dinner. Don't go at lunch.


out of 5.0


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