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35 Maiden Lane - Covent Garden, London, England
You would expect London's oldest restaurant (since 1798), which you absolutely MUST make reservations for, to blow you away. Unfortunately, this trip left only disappointment, which started from the moment I walked into the restaurant - our reservations were delayed a half hour.

Strike one.

Next, our waiter gave us only the wine list, messed up our drink AND appetizer orders, and gave me the wrong tableware.

Strike two.

Our food orders were pretty much forgotten, as we sat waiting a full 45 minutes after our appetizer (the £10 Foie Gras Scallops Terrine was the lone bright spot), along with an angry call at the waiter, before our main course finally arrived.

Strike three.

I was told my whole Grilled Sea Bass, which was presented quite nicely, was deboned. The big bone was removed. The little ones weren't. I could've remove the big bone myself! It wasn't even that good!

Strike four.

Our waiter didn't pay attention to us when we wanted the bill. We were so miserable, we wanted to skip the dessert and get the heck out of that restaurant.

What strike am I on? I've lost count.

Conclusion: If it wasn't for my amazing appetizer (I'm a sucker for good foie gras), and somewhat decent decor, I would've given this restaurant a 0.5. Sadly, Rules doesn't rule.


out of 5.0


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