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62 rue Mazarine, 6th District - Paris, France
A well-recommended restaurant located in the heart of the St. Germain-des-Pri\es bistro district, it is a trendy restaurant that will delight your all your senses. Parisians refuse to eat dinner at 7pm, so if you go early, you'll easily be able to secure a table at this restaurant. By 9pm, the restaurant was packed with locals.

The meal as a whole was outstanding - there simply wasn't any one highlight. The Poele Lango (€15 - Roast Dublin Bay Prawns and Vegetables with Coriandor) and the Millefeuille Thon (€12 - Raw Tuna Millefeuille with mango and avacado) will heighten your culinary sense to a whole new level. The Filet Boeuf (€29 - Pan-Sauteed Fillet of Beef Bavaria-style, served with Bearnaise Sauce and French Fries) was slightly overcooked but still juicy and perfectly marinated nonetheless, creating an excellent entree. Be sure to add an order of Shiitake mushrooms (€8), an excellent side served on top of a bed of spinach, to complement your meal. However, the best main course comes from the Carre Agneau (€29 - French-style Rack of Lamb served with spinach, pan fried courgette and rhyme), which was a tad fatty, but far and away among the best Rack of Lamb on either side of the Atlantic, perfectly seasoned, and served with generous portions.

Great euro-lounge music was played (you can buy their compilation 2 CDs, Mezzaine De L'Alcazar, for €23), further enhancing the meal. Service was very friendly, courteous, and detailed, with a slight hiccup when our waiter forgot to place the order for our dessert; but it was worth the wait - the Moelleux Chocolat (€10.50 - Gooey Chocolate Cake, served with a side of Vanilla Ice Cream) is a soft, delectable treat that had just the perfect amount of sweetness to it; or, if you prefer a cold dessert, you cannot go wrong with the Fondant Chocolat (€10 - Chocolate Fondant) either.

Conclusion: This restaurant is worth every penny that you spend there. Don't hesitate to make your reservations if you're willing to splurge.


out of 5.0


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