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Comme Chez Soi

23 Place Rouppe - Brussels, Belgium
A restaurant with a long history of quality, they pride themselves on being consistently awarded 3 Michelin Stars year after year for their amazing food and 5-star service, and for the most part, they certainly did not disappoint.

From the moment you step foot into the restaurant, you can instantly see why Michelin rates the restaurant so highly - the restaurant is very elegantly decorated, and service tends to your every whim. The amuse bouche is definitely a treat, so don't fill up on the bread, regardless of how good it is (and it's pretty good). For starters, you cannot go wrong with the Consomme de King Crab (€33); the Ardennes Ham and Smoked Eel Mousse (€20) is very pleasant as well, but the Consumme is definitely the star of the starters.

The Filets Sole Au Riesling (Sole Fillets with a mousseline of Riesling and Shrimps, €33 half/€48 full) is the house specialty, and from the first taste it is easy to see why. Succulent and tender, the already-perfect filet was accompanied very nicely by a rich, sweet sauce. If you're feeling more meat than seafood, both the Duo de Ris de Veau (Duet of Crispy and Lacquered Veal Sweetbreads, €39) and the Eventail D'Agneau (Slices of Gaume Lamb, €52) are pure culinary heaven that will simply force you to stop and ponder if it's even possible for better things in life than this.

The desserts are certainly reflective of Belgian culture - even the simple Fruit Salad with Vanilla Ice Cream and Orange Coulis (€15.00) inspires fruit fantasies. If you're into something more decadent, the Orange Chocolate Cake with Mandarin Napoleon (€13.00) is just as good. However, stay away from the Creme Brulee (€12.00) - although it's quite good, it's only marginally better than an ordinary creme brulee from the local bistro. A pleasant surprise here is Comme Chez Soi did not charge us for the desserts, but this wasn't discovered until after we left the restaurant so it's not known whether or not this was intentional.

Conclusion: The food itself is definitely unparalleled and well deserving of its international fame, but it's still overpriced, a restaurant that I would just order from the set menu (minimum of 2 people) for better value. If only the prices were cheaper, the rating would have been through the roof. Otherwise, I would reserve this strictly for special occasions. But if you're in the mood to pamper yourself (in the €80-120 range), then this is the place to go.


out of 5.0


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