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La Fontaine de Mars

129 Rue St. Dominique, 7th District - Paris, France
Quite possibly one of the best-kept secrets of Paris, a quaint nondescript bistro tucked away around the corner from the Eiffel Tower, there is nothing that you could possibly say is wrong with this restaurant. If you're on a budget, you can get the Menu Dejeuner, a €23 fixe-prix menu that serves a pretty decent selection. But it won't give you quite the same experience as ordering a la carte. The Escalope Foie Gras (€24 - hot foie gras with roasted pears [pictured]), with its heaping portions and out-of-this-world taste, is a can't-miss starter - quite possibly the best foie gras I've ever had. The other top-notch starter is the Pate de Cepes (€15 - tepid porcini mushroom pate) if you prefer mushrooms. You can't go wrong with either starter.

The culinary extravaganza continues with the Filet de Dorade de Ligne and the Magret de Canard (either main course, €20), both of which are bursting full of flavour and perfectly cooked. To describe it any other way would not do these dishes justice. If you don't mind strong alcohol, you don't want to miss finishing your meal with the Delice Aux Griottine (€10 - schnapps cherries with vanilla ice cream).

Reservations aren't required for lunch, but don't take the chance with dinner, when you can bring a special date to impress. Although this isn't a particularly creative restaurant, they do the traditional dishes exceptionally well. Service was served with French flair and class. Don't bring a large group - most you should bring is a party of 4 - and be prepared to pay €40-60 per person for your meal, which is exceptionally low given the quality of food served.

Conclusion: An absolute must-visit. An upper class bistro with a relaxed atmosphere, creating the perfect eating experience.


out of 5.0


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