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Le Vieux Bruxelles

33-35 Rue des Bouchers - Brussels, Belgium
Rue des Bouchers is filled with quaint little restaurants, but each and every restaurant you pass by has their maitre d' pressuring you to choose their restaurant for the evening. We ended up going to the nicest looking restaurant that had a decent menu, and we ended up at Le Vieux Bruxelles. First thing that you notice is the nice ambience that is mixed with unsanitary conditions - there were dead flies everywhere, and our cutlery and glasses were unclean. However, upon request, the waiter will change your table set for you, albeit unpleasantly.

We ordered the set menu (€24.50). The starters consisted of a choice of Oysters (somewhat okay), Croquettes de Crevettes (baked shrimp, which was decent), and Fish Soup (terrible). After a long wait, the entreés finally arrived, with the Sea Bass standing out from the rest of the choices. The Filet Mignon was undercooked and was not properly marinated, and the Grilled Salmon was so bland, even the sauce could not save it.

Conclusion: Service was subpar, the food took too long to arrive, and when it did arrive, it was unspectacular if not outright mediocre. Don't be fooled by the facade of the nice ambience or succomb to the pressure of the maitre d', this restaurant just isn't worth visiting.


out of 5.0


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