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Pizza Piazza

260 Banbury Road, Summertown - Oxford, England
From first step into the restaurant, the minimalist decor strikes you as the highlight of the restaurant. That's about all that was good to the restaurant. Service was poorly trained, and an order was even forgotten. The prices seem deceptively reasonable - the portions were puny. The Il Capone (£7.65) and Carmen (£6.60) stonebaked pizzas were decent in taste, but the amount of toppings, or lack thereof, left much to be desired. Stay away from all starters; not one of the Chicken Wings (£4.35), Killer Doughsticks (£3.65), nor Tomato Bruschetta (£3.25) were any good in all events of taste, portions and value.

Conclusion: A thoroughly unimpressive restaurant. Avoid.


out of 5.0


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