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7 South Parade, Summertown - Oxford, England
Owned by the same owners as Mamma Mia Pizzeria next door, Portabello is a contrast in style compared to its casual, cramped bistro cousin. Bright walls and spacious interior, Portabello brings a higher standard in dining without the higher standard in prices although in all fairness, Portabello doesn't serve pizza.

Their well-known £7.95 fixed price lunch menu delivers excellent value, but dinner is where they stand out. Starters such as their Sauteed Tiger Prawns (£5.55) and Pan-fried Chicken Livers and Bacon (£5.95) may be close to giving someone a heart attack with its fat and oil content, but nonetheless taste great. For the Mains, the Escalope of Scottish Salmon (£10.95) is a can't miss if you don't mind the small portions, but the Venison Casserole (£9.95) is a great alternative with healthy portions although the taste may not be as flavorful as the Escalope. They have a well stocked bar with carefully selected wines, so you almost can't miss even if you blindly picked a wine from the list.

The staff were really friendly, meals came out pretty quick and prices weren't overly expensive. Overall, this was a pretty good restaurant that I'd return to.


out of 5.0


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