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15 Grote Markt, Grand Place - Brussels, Belgium
A cozy, friendly restaurant located right in the heart of the famous Grand Place in Belgium, it's a little tricky finding the restaurant as it is actually located in a basement, reminiscent of an old bomb shelter that's been converted nicely into the popular restaurant that it is today.

Belgian specialties involve moules (mussels), frites (french fries), chocolate, and beer. t'Kelderke does almost all of them flawlessly. You can choose from the affordable moules dishes such as Gratin de Moules (Mussels Au Gratin) or Brochette de Moules a l'Ail (Mussles with Garlic and Butter), both mouth-watering dishes, for €9.50 each. If you're really famished, you can get a pan-sized order of the equally-impressive Moules Mariniares au Vin Blanc (White Wine-marinated Mussels) for €19.50. A side order of frites (€1.50) is decent with good portions, but unfortunately does not quite reflect the Belgian specialty, a small hiccup that pales in comparison to the rest of the meal.

When you're done salivating over the mussels, be sure to order the decadent Profiteroles au Chocolat (€7.00), which after the first bite you'll be sure to attack the rest of the dessert with aplomb. Getting an order of the Kriek Mort Subite (Cherry Beer, €5.00) will complement your meal nicely.

The atmosphere is comfortable, cozy, and casual, and the service is friendly and right along the norm for its class. But the obvious star attraction is the out-of-this-world mussels. Be prepared to pay about €15-20 for lunch.

Conclusion: Belgians really know their food, and this restaurant is a prime example. Two thumbs up.


out of 5.0


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