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66 Wellington St. West - Toronto, Canada
Pan Seared Foie Gras | This was absolutely heavenly! The foie gras just melted in my mouth, and had a great slightly charred aroma. It came with tempura onions, roasted apple & a maple balsamic glaze.

Seared Tuna Sashimi | As usual, the tuna was seared just right so that it was pink everywhere except for the outermost layer which had a crumbly crust. The tuna was of average quality, nothing astonishing there. The watercress was a great accompaniment.

Scallop Carpaccio | Yep, you read right - raw scallops! They were thinly sliced, slippery slivers of scallop, without any of the meatiness that scallop usually comes in. It was marinated in some kind of olive oil mixture, very crisp & summery dish. It really cleared the palate for the following dishes.

Grilled Arctic Char | My memory is fading more and more. I remember a pretty big portion of fish, perhaps served over asparagus? The fish was good, but nothing spectacular - probably cooked in butter, firm but not overly flavourful. Tasted a lot like salmon.

Roasted Venison Loin | It's served with crisp potato tuile & a truffle sauce. It was cooked just right - very tender, no gamey taste at all (but I'm not so sensitive to that taste, so I dunno) and frankly, although the asian-fusion thing is cool, I like getting some classic Canadian dishes once in awhile, and this definitely fit the bill. Great ending to the meal - I was so full yet I managed to eat it all!

Conclusion: I had the tasting menu, hence the numerous dishes. I actually had 2 more dishes, I think - but I don't remember! About the ambience: it's your typical, lowly-lit, darkly-painted kind of dining room. It's in the basement, so there's no view except the other tables. They have an impressive wall-length all-glass wine cabinet that has dozens, probably hundreds of bottles. I sat in a booth-like table that was tucked away under a low ceiling, which made it more intimate. The menu is quite diverse - perhaps unusual for an uber-high class place like this - so you definitely won't get bored. Overall, I found all the food to be of high quality and although it may not be the most inventive or original, it should not be missed!


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Renee's out of 5.0


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