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692 Mount Pleasant Road - Toronto, Canada
Winterlicious Dinner review.

Pomegranate Goodness – pomegranate & ginger infused vodka on ice, topped with ginger lemonade & honey, served martini style $10 – strong, but mildly sweet was the ice started to melt in the drink. Pomagranate studs were delectable in the drink. Very pretty.

Bangers 'n' Mash - Crab Sausage, Basil, White chocolate & olive – light crab mousse mixed with shredded fresh basil surrounding a lump of crab, topped with a slightly overdone piece of meaty salt cured pork, topping a rich and sinful white chocolate and nicoise olive mashed potatoes. Mmmm...nice.

Steamed Lamb Pie with Cabernet Sauvignon Sauce – wondering what steamed lamb pie could be, I found the mini pastried pie, filled with shredded braised lamb leg succulent. The jus was rich (more would have been nice as the pastry absorbed a lot of it when I cut into it), the slightly wilted spinach bed done perfectly. Topping the pie was a thin layer of béchamel and a tempura onion ring. Small package, nice flavours.

Warm Marmalade Pudding with Rum Raisin Anglaise – dense and cakey. I don’t like baked puddings, hence my lack of appreciation for this dessert (other choice was a chocolate item of which cocoa is my kryptonite).

Creamy Organic Earl Grey – creamy (no dairy necessary) tea, smooth in its decent down the throat with aromatic hints of almond and vanilla.

Conclusions: although I was not allowed to order a la carte (unless my dining companions also did the same), I found the meal decent, minus the dessert. Ideas and flavour combinations were unique and worthy of trying menu items if I get to venture out to this spot again. The decor of the dining room was filled with either squares or circles, with very clean colours highlighting complex simplicities, a sort of preamble of things to come...Non-intimidating, friendly servers in silly vested costumes are extra friendly and helpful.


Renee's out of 5.0


Justin's out of 5.0


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