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2315 Bloor St. W. - Toronto, Canada
Winterlicious Dinner review.

Lentil soup, lime and virgin olive oil - fully flavoured and much like a mixed vegetable soup with hearty chunks of fresh veggies and just right lentils. Neither mushy nor pasty; delicious and mildly spiced.

Two trout roulade, pea studded risotto – delicate trout nicely flavoured and giving to the fork, perched atop creamy and rich al dente risotto, littered with dense peas that both contrasted in texture and colours to the dish. Mildly spicy radish sprouts dressed the top of the roulades added another nice element to feast on both with the eyes and in the mouth. A modest sized portion, enough to please the palate not overwhelming to a point of boredom.

Vanilla crème brulee – served in a dainty asian soy sauce sauce dish, the richly toasted (to the point of almost being burnt – I like) but thick crust was dusted with powdered sugar an a few fresh berries to cut the delicate rich custard underneath. The crackle of the caramelized top was paired nicely with the smooth and cool layer below and due to the thin portion, was perfect, in my opinion compared to it’s larger portioned cousins found elsewhere.

Conclusion – lovely modern décor, warm colours and dim lighting, supplemented with friendly staff (something I've noted with the Focaccia, Laide, etc chain), with modern lounge music playing in the background (hey, I have those same CDs in my collection too!). My companion and I got a nice rounded, and slightly secluded table in the back that was enclosed with some mesh curtains and was a semi-circle couch, romantic and stylish at the same time. The chef was mining the kitchen and though we were late for our reservation (with many calls and humble apologies) we were served and taken care of very well.


out of 5.0


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