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Flow Restaurant & Lounge

133 Yorkville Ave. - Toronto, Canada
Steamed Black Cod charred then miso crusted, wrapped in pandan served with dashi potatoes, choi mei and habanero scented coconut broth - $34.95 – tender, buttery black cod was perfectly perched atop a fish shaped origami of pandan leaves. The half crescent sculpted potatoes were a denser foil to the soft but meaty texture of the fish. Choi mei (i.e. baby baby bok choy – this took quite a bit of inquiring of 2 servers and a chef) sopped up the mild and flavourful broth. An overall pleasant dish. Of course, this was one of the two choices highly recommended by our evening server.

Conclusion – I didn’t go with the Winterlicious menu as the regular menu looked superb (and a sore throat made it quite difficult to potentially swallow pan fried calamari or stuff an apple bundle). As my party was a little late, I asked the front desk if we could have a table on the second level, which they were willing to accommodate despite a minor wait (of which I had more than enough time). The offer to check in my coat downstairs where I was able to browse about the lounge area was nice. I can see why this place would be the up and up of the Yorkville chick crowd. Décor was posh, and a II by IV signature. Dishes, once again, mimicked those large white asymmetric templates seen elsewhere (Tuyen, Da nu la). My companions had the Winterlicious menu and confessed that the Braised Beef Short Rib (slow braised beef short ribs in a tamarind and tomato scented reduction with truffled taro mash, sweet Cipollini onion and watercress), another popular dish, was quite nice. I would recommend this location for those seeking to see and be seen, to dine and to live the yuppie a price for at least one night.


out of 5.0


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