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Da nu la

67 Richmond St. W. - Toronto, Canada
Daily vegetarian soup inspiration - tomato and roasted red pepper puree with parsley and olive oil drizzle – refreshing and tasty. Much reminiscent of a nice dose of Gardennay.

Braised New Zealand lamb shanks, served with sage polenta, French green beans and a roasted Vegetable tomato sauce – a fairly generous sized (dinner portion) entrée. The shank was very satisfying and (fall off the bone) tender. More sauce would have been nice as the polenta was lacking in flavour, as expected. The 5 crisp french beans accompanying the dish was a nice colour contrast to the warm harvest reds, yellows and rich brown of the lamb shank. Alone the entrée made up for the price of the meal.

Cold lemon custard, coconut macaroon, mixed berry coulis – a simply plated dessert (each item in it's own separate realm on the plate), sweet with a slight tartness in the custard (think lemon bar without the pastry and the jelly texture; or the cream filling between lemon wafers). A little too sugary for me in the end. But the (loose leaf) Earl Grey I had to finish my meal had two mild tasting mini almond biscotti that paired well with the custard's sweetness.

Conclusion – nice place for a lunchtime business meeting for sure. Not too glitzy, noisy nor overwhelming. Da nu la consists of muted tones and clean white asymmetric dishware (the trend now-a-days, or was the supplier having a sale?) that I appreciate in contrast to sensory overload of current day boutique restaurant/lounges. Something more for the office crowd (and I see why write ups mention the near dead atmosphere in the evenings) than regular diners – an unfortunate reality.


out of 5.0


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