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Filet of Sole

11 Duncan St. - Toronto, Canada
Grilled Baby Calamari & Mussels with Roma Tomato Sauce – standard fare: 1 calamari body, 3 mussels and a sprinkle of dandelion greens.

Roasted Filet of Black Cod with Miso, Steamed Rice & Vegetables (Recipe Courtesy Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, New York) – buttery cod pieces were lacking in miso flavour were accompanied by buttery roasted veggies and carbs. Nothing to rave about. Makes me wonder how true to Nobu they really were...inspired by or actually using his recipe?

Daily Fresh Fruit Ice with Strawberries – today it was raspberry ice, and 1/8 a strawberry.

Conclusion – as we went as a group of 13, the menu provided much selection to cater to our crowd. Our server was friendly and efficient, despite our being seated later than our reservation (blame the group before us who wouldn’t leave). The signature Filet of Sole was delightful (sampled from a companion’s plate), the grilled thai beef and calamari salad, appreciated by those who ordered it. The décor was slightly cheesy (giant glowing octopus suctioned to the ceiling) but warm and cozy. Perfect for a casual evening out.


out of 5.0


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