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Sushi Supreme

1995 Yonge St. - Toronto, Canada
Miso Soup – standard.

Seaweed Salad - $5 - reg garden salad & 3 kinds of Japanese seaweeds – large plate enough for two.

Rock and Roll (6) - $5 - BBQ yellow tail and green onion – grilled fresh on the spot. Rice was probably too fresh for my 3pm snack, as it was warm and a little too sticky and soft. I believe good sushi rice needs to sit and “marinate” a little with the rice vinegar, etc.

Salad Roll (no rice) (6) - $6 - crab, flying fish egg, pickled ginger, avocado, cucumber and mayonnaise on top – refreshing curls of cucumber surrounding very fresh and delicate “California roll” centre. This roll is perfect for a hot summer day, especially with lots of wasabi. :o)

Hamachi Sashimi (3) - $7 – HUGE portions. Well worth the price. Very fresh, giant blocks that must have measured 1.5 oz each!

Conclusion: In my opinion, Sushi Supreme tops Sushi Inn, a formal cheaper sushi restaurant fav, as being the place to go to for great sushi at a good price.


out of 5.0


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