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655 Bay St., Unit 5 - Toronto, Canada
Sitting around the middle sushi counter/island in this very fresh (green and glass) restaurant brought a very serene calming feeling as I started to dine on a bit of an omasake adventure, although I had to have my standard Hiyashi Wakame (Seaweed) salad ($4.50), Hamachi (Yellow tail) sashimi ($9), and occasional craving for Hamachi, No Kama (Grilled neck of yellow tail with salt) ($7.95). Pricy, but fresh. I let the sushi-chef go wild...and so did my bill. But he dissected the plumpest, freshest Amaebi (Sweet shrimp) sashimi ($7) (with heads still attached) for me, then tempura fried them. Extra points for added effort to the overall dining experience. He recommended Ankimo (monkfish liver) – I ate it. Just as they say, foie gras of the sea sans extra oils, etc. Rich, decadent, lovely. He also recommended Akagai (Ark shell) ($8) – I ate it.


out of 5.0


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