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Bangkok Garden

18 Elm St. - Toronto, Canada
Lemongrass Iced Tea - $4.95 – Interesting drink that was reminiscent of Tom Yum Soup without the chillies and shrimp. Light green in colour, exotic in aroma, hint of flavour. Only drawback, after savouring any dish with taste, the drink was like soapy water – at that point it was no longer interesting, but bordered disgusting. The colour was still very pretty.

Wok Steamed Mussels - $11- with basil and chiles – very fragrant, delicate and just done in texture. Full of flavour and very good.

“Traditional“ Phad Thai - $30 - Grilled Tiger Shrimp, Rock Shrimp, Tamarind Chicken – this dish was one of the best phad thais I’ve had. Noodles were not mushy and still held their shape, chicken and shrimp were both tender and flavourful. Slices of tofu, added some cooling elements amidst the full flavours of the rest of the dish. Bean sprouts and cucumber slices added to the refreshing element in the dish, both providing a temperature contrast and acting as a palate washer. Crushed cashew nuts dusted the dish, and added lots of oomph.

Striped Bass Grilled in Banana Leaf - $36 - Paste of Lemongrass, Garlic, Lime Leaf, Spicy Lime Sauce – It would be an understatement in my claim that this dish was absolutely delicious. The tender and moist fish was presented beautifully wrapped in a cross hatched grilled envelope of banana leaves, perfectly whole, but de-boned (the least that could be done to be worth $36 for the 1 lb sized fish). The shining star of this entrée was the slightly tangy, partly viscous, spicy lime sauce, which danced in the mouth and sent shivers down ones spine. (Fluffy white jasmine (?) rice accompanied this superb dish).

Fried Banana with black sesame, Grilled Banana with Vanilla Iced Milk – so refreshing and light. Not oily nor creamy. A perfect end to a flavour packed dinner.

Conclusion: Pricey thai food that’s tough to beat. I know many who have varying opinions, but I feel this is one of the better/best thai places in Toronto. Only thing is, it’s expensive. But you get your money’s worth in each bite.


out of 5.0


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