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047-0024 Otaru City, Hanazono 1 Chome 1st - Sapporo, Japan
If you're in the mood for sushi, make sure you visit Masazushi, one of the finer dining establishments in Japan that still offer different classes of sushi. Their "A" class, the "normal" class, is among the best in value of mass-produced eats - both fresh and inexpensive. Their "AA" class is meant for those that want to splurge but are on a budget. Lastly, their "AAA" class, the premium stuff, is so mouth-watering that you could swear you were eating at the fish market itself. We had the privilege of tasting all three classes at the same time - of the three, "AA" seemed a little lost - neither tender enough to merit the price increase, but not cheap enough to merit the taste. Essentially, either go big or go small, or don't go at all.

Service was a little slow, but when they were there they were slightly above Japanese hospitality average to make up for it. The lower level of the restaurant is "normal" dining area, with Western-style seating and all, but the upper level is the "traditional" dining area, with Japanese slippers provided and seating on the mats on the floor. Overall however, the visit was quite pleasant - make sure you check it out.


out of 5.0


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