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San Korean

676 Queen St. - Toronto, Canada
Ginger Tea - $1.50 – very strong in the fresh ginger’s spicy flavour. Delightful if you like ginger as much as I do.

Korean Side dishes:
Spicy Pickled Radishes
Sweet Soy Beans
Cold Fried Firm Tofu

Sashimi Salad - $8.95 – assorted sashimi on a bed of green salad topped with an apple vinagrette

Dolsut Bim Bim Bap - $10.95 – steamed rice topped with an assortment of mixed vegetables, minced beef/tofu, fried egg, and red pepper sauce in a heated stone bowl

Conclusion: Too dark – I could barely see my food, let alone my dining companion – and he was sitting 90-degrees from me at a window table! Standard Korean food, but stuff that you could get at HoSu. Not worth a return as I’m biased to my favourite "Korean Village" (on Bloor).


out of 5.0


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