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New York Grill

52nd Floor, Park Hyatt Hotel - Tokyo, Japan
Chef Jack Weltzer has truly propelled this magnificent restaurant into the pantheon of fine dining. Situated on the top floor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo in Shinjuku, the restaurant, consistently ranked among the Top 10 in the world by various editorials, provides lucky guests with beautiful picturesque views overlooking the entire city. If you are lucky enough to somehow squeeze a reservation, you will enjoy live jazz in the background, impeccable Japanese service, and the roomy-yet-cozy ambience of the restaurant.

Appetizers such as the Fresh Buffalo Burrata with Kochi Tomatoes (pictured, ¥3,000) and the Pan-seared Goose Liver with Fire Roasted Pineapples and Baked Brioche (pictured, ¥4,000) are creative spins on traditional dishes that perfectly whet your appetite for entrees such as the Chef's Daily Kobe Beef Selection (¥12,000), something worth salivating for. If you're looking for a less expensive entree, go with the New York Grill Yamagata Steak Tartare (¥4,500) or the Rack of Australian Lamb (pictured 200g, ¥4,800), both of which are succulently amazing. Don't forget to top off your meal with the incredible desserts - if you're sharing, get the Tasting of New York Grill Desserts (pictured, ¥3,900) or if you're going for a single, you can't miss with the Espresso Custard "Cappucino" with Almond Biscotti (¥1,700).

The one and only blemish on an otherwise perfect meal would be the plating, which simply did not serve the meal its proper due. Otherwise, this restaurant is the ultimate in getting-what-you-splurge-for. Just make sure you don't go without at least ¥8,000 in your wallet, but it'll be worth every yen.


out of 5.0


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