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3-31-8 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku - Tokyo, Japan
Tempura just doesn't get any better or fresher than this. A chain restaurant in Tokyo, Tsunahachi specializes in everything tempura. If you sit at the bar, you'll be lucky enough to witness the chefs preparing everything completely fresh - showing you the complete process from raw to on-your-plate goodness.

If you're indecisive or an amateur, get the set meal (¥2,950) which includes 2 shrimp, surf clam, shrimp pancake, zucchini, and other assorted tempura. For a little extra something, get the Premium Shrimp Tempura (2 for ¥740, bigger and better shrimp than the set meal). The chef will take a live shrimp, show it to you for your inspection and approval, then gets to work on it - and 3 minutes later, it ends up on your plate. If you can get past the fact that you just saw it squirming 3 minutes ago, you just won't have better shrimp tempura anywhere else.

Don't forget to top off your meal with the Ice Cream Tempura dessert (pictured, ¥450). Unlike other places that use mochi-style tempura, Tsunahachi uses a cake batter before frying it, for an immensely better dessert. A must try.

Overall, the restaurant was great for its value. It's a nice, casual place with typically friendly waitstaff; if only the restaurant wasn't so hot, it would score slightly higher for a more enjoyable dinner.


out of 5.0


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